My name is Rothschild casseneuve, I was involved in a car accident on 6/9/2017 .And I was im currently in the care of D.C. joubert Desulme ...i would like to apply if u want a chiropractor who know what there doing as well focuse on restoring u back to health mind, body, spirit with nutrition ...excersise and he work miracle with his hands when it comes to inlignment of the spine. Then family chiropractor and wellness center is the place with a awesome! Atmosphere.

I first met Dr. Desulme this year when I began to have spasms in my lower back. He worked wonders for my back. He immediately understood why it was occurring and we discussed at length his treatment plan. I began to see the results right away, as he worked with me on how to stop the spasms and showed me how to strengthen my back so that I would not get them again. I have been seeing him for several months now and I could not be happier with the results. He gives you the knowledge it takes to understand and manage the spine and is very thorough and caring.

Lori Fisher

"When I went to see Dr. J, I was in constant pain from back pain due to scoliosis. However, with in a few months, I was pain free, the hump in my back had gone down and I was walking up right. Now I am in maintenance and am continuing my exercise regiment which he prescribed. He is great! Wish he was still here in Texas." Rose M

Rose Mcalister

I came here 14 weeks ago with severe upper and lower back pain. My boyfriend and been trying to talk me into chiropractic care for 2 years and finally after I had motorbike accident and was in too much pain to perform at my job, I listened to him. Dr Joubert did a thorough comprehensive first session and answered alllllllll my questions. He really cared about getting me better. After my first adjustment I felt immediate relief. In addition to my weekly adjustments Dr J gave me several stretches and exercises to strengthen the weak muscles around my problem areas. I didn't even know it was possible to feel this good! I'm 25 and am living pain free for the first timeIn a long time! I feel stupid for having waited this long or until I had an accident to push me over the "pain edge". Dr Joubert is kind, affordable and I've never seen someone who cares so much about his patients. :) I highly recommend him, especially if you are a chicken like I was. :)

Anna Claflin

Dr. Joubert Desulme helped me with my lower back pains and stiff neck, after a few adjustment visits I noticed a considerable relief from the sharp pains in my lower back and the stiffness in my neck was no longer present.
Two Thumbs up!

Efrem Anderson

2 car accidents both I was rear ended. Dr. Dusulme is Excellent at his Profession!!!! He is also kind, educated, speaks to you in ways that are simple so you understand every step in your process. He wants his patients to be Healthy

Beverly DrBev Jackson

Hello! I have TMJ. The left side of my jaw is not in its proper place. I live with this for a whole year( which came with a whole lot of headaches, not being able to eat everything and restless nights.) I haven't even been to Dr. Desulme for a whole month and have completely stop getting headaches, have been sleeping through the entire night and can open my jaw pretty much all the way now. Really grateful for the progress so far and looking forward to the rest of my treatments wit Dr. Desulme.


My scoliosis began when I was 22 years old and involved in a head on collision with a bridge. Three more cars hit me after that. My spine became shaped like an S curve. The pain was excruciating... Dr. J has straighten my spine and my pain is gradually going away. We have not finish the plan yet but I am more than 75% straighter than when we started. I thought I was headed to a wheel chair. dr. J has totally changed my life. I highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering from back pain.

Kathy M

Very caring and positive. Therapy and adjustments extremely positive and helpful. A practitioner you can trust, knowledgeable and helpful. None better.